Aigir is a cooking method. It works by the hot stones heating the liquid, pure coconut and boiling the food. Aigir is a traditional method of cooking for the Tolai people of East New Britain Province. The Tolai people have been preparing the “Aigir”  generation-after-generation. Aigir is prepared on special occasions or during family gatherings.

Below is the recipe on how to prepare “aigir“. The following recipe can cater for 10-15 people.


  1. Coconuts X 6
  2. Greens (5kg aibika)
  3. Mumu-pit with hot stones
  4. Protein (180g chicken)
  5. Vegetable (2kg kaukau)
  6. Banana leaves X 10
  7. Carrots (500g)
  8. Onion (100g)
  9. Tomato (50g)

After preparing the ingredients, this is how they prepare the Tolai ”Aigir”

  1. Put stones in the mumu-pit for 40-45 minutes
  2. Scrape 6 coconuts
  3. Prepare the vegetable
  4. Prepare the greens
  5. Prepare the protein
  6. Put vegetable, greens and protein into a big pot or dish
  7. Gradually cream vegetable, greens and protein with coconut-cream
  8. Put hot stones into the pot containing the vegetable, greens and protein
  9. Close the pot and leave it to cook for 15-20 minutes
  10. When cooked, remove the stones
  11. Serve the food into plates or on banana leaves